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Six women form a sisterhood of sorts, meeting every Friday night. Four of them are almost interchangeable except for their circumstances; two are simply annoying. And then -- da dum! -- one of them finds a boyfriend (Jackson), and once she introduces him to the group, things will never be the same. Jackson proceeds to proposition several of the women in a variety of ways, falsely leading them to believe that hes either attracted to them or interested in investing in them financially. Where to begin? 1. Sisterhoods are really not my thing, and this one was not particularly convincing. We dont really see the friendship develop; were merely supposed to accept it as a given even though theres no evidence of actual closeness between the women. 2. Another thing Im not a fan of -- kids who dont read like actual kids but are simply there as props to narrate the story.3. This premise could have been interesting, but the execution was highly contrived. Jacksons impact on the group was heavily foreshadowed even though I cant really see why Id be so thrown by the mere prospect of meeting my friends boyfriend. Whatever will this do to our precious group dynamics? the women all seem to individually twitter in various ways before Jackson even walks in the door. Then, once hes a part of their lives, why would he approach each of them individually to make some kind of bizarre (and insincere) investment offer? Well, to throw off their group dynamics of course! Jackson himself was not a particularly believable character; for someone so smooth, he managed to make his insincerity patently obvious at odd times.4. Eleanor, the 65-year-old woman who initiates the sisterhood, is your classic voice-of-wisdom character (all sisterhood books need at least one) and at the same time, a royal pain. Had she been a more fully developed character, I might have understood why the women loved her enough to tolerate her brutal unsolicited opinions. As is, she came off as someone I would have completely avoided, pearls of practically psychic wisdom notwithstanding.5. Jules (Julia), the wild one and the one other character (besides Eleanor) who wasnt a facsimile of all the other women, was also not particularly fleshed out. Numerous detailed descriptions of her punky outfits were not sufficient to make her three-dimensional for me.It was sad to see Joanna Trollope writing like an amateurish ghost of her former self. Im not saying the book had no merit -- some of the conflicts were actually interesting in spite of everything. And I dont think Joanna Trollope is capable of writing a completely superficial book. I guess that, if youre not a critical curmudgeon like me, you could simply enjoy this for what it is as slightly interesting chick lit.

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